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5-hour ENERGY® videos featuring Mattie 5

This page is being redesigned.  

"5-hour ENERGY® Bowl"


Berry and Extra Strength Grape battle to win the Energy Bowl!  This debuted on Facebook during the Super Bowl for fans of 5-hour ENERGY® 


"Foosball Hero"


Using empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles, Mattie 5 saves an old Foosball table from the landfill.  Original song is called "Foosball Hero." 

"Happy Holidays"


Santa drinks his 5-hour ENERGY® and saves the holidays!

"Be The Ball"


The first social media commercial EVER made featuring a Professional Putter.

"Gimme 5"


A musical montage of Mattie 5 playing Professional Putt-Putt.   Original tune is called "Gimme 5."

"The Putting Green"


This famous hole is in the middle of the Mattie 5 Films Studio in downtown Longview.  

"Win Mattie 5's Heart"


Online Valentines Day contest where one lucky 5-hour ENERGY® fan wins a great prize. 

"Christmas Tree: The Sequel"


When I moved to Texas, I had to make a new 5-hour ENERGY® tree to celebrate the reason for the season.

"5-hour ENERGY® Christmas Tree"


The "Movie Trailer" that started it all.  An annual tradition that has spiraled out of control.  This was simply a holiday "video card" for family, friends and clients.  Eventually it found its way to the Marketing Department of 5-hour ENERGY®.  

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